Handicrafts of Kutch n Champaner - Timeless Wonder....


Gujarat has a rich tradition of producing fine handicrafts such as textiles, furniture and jewellery, but nowhere is this impressive heritage more evident than in Kutch, a land occupied by nomadic tribes who have refined their crafts, especially embroidery, into fine arts. A full day around Bhuj is a good way to shop for embroidered fabrics, as you can watch the craftsman at work, get pieces customized, n ensure that the benefits are going to needed artisans. There are various techniques of embroidery that exist in the district, including those of Hindu groups like the Ahirs n Rabaris, Islamic groups like Jaths, Halepotras n Mutwas, the Sodha Rajputs who migrated from the Thar Parkar region of Sindh, n the Meghwal Harijans. 

Each tribes developed its on signature style n this is most apparent in the case of embroidery. If u preffer simple needlework, you r sure to like Bavalia embroidery, which employes the button - hole or cross-stitch method. But if brilliant colours n mirror work appeal to what u should go for.


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